Research & Analytics


Laura goetz (She/HER)


Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons

Laura is a third-year medical student at Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. Previously, she studied biochemistry and gender studies, conducting research on a wide spectrum of biologically- and socially-determined aspects of gender-based health disparities, including earning her M.S. developing the first animal model of transgender hormone therapy. Her interests include ENT, gender-affirming care, sustainable global health, climate health, narrative medicine, and physician advocacy. Outside of the hospital, she can be found writing poetry, taking pictures, on long runs/bike rides/hikes, listening to podcasts, and hosting potlucks. Laura can be reached at


Timothy keyes (he/him/they/them)

co-director | MSPA co-founder

Stanford University School of Medicine

Tim is a fifth-year MD/PhD student studying Cancer Biology at Stanford University and an aspiring clinical informatician. As a member of MSPA, Tim is primarily interested in leveraging community-based participatory research to drive LGBTQ+ advocacy in medical education. Outside of MSPA, Tim is primarily interested in data science, microglia, kickboxing, pop music written for teenage girls, and ruining first dates by being his authentic self. He is the tallest member of the MSPA national leadership.

Tim can be reached at or on Twitter at @timothykeyes.


JUSTIN JIA (he/him)

associate member | MSPA CO-FOUNDER

Stanford University School of Medicine

Justin is a third-year student in Stanford’s MD/MS program. His research interests include health disparities among SGM and POC populations, medical anthropology, and improving LGBTQ competency within medical education. Prior to medical school, Justin worked on the Your Voice! Your Health! project which sought to engage and empower LGBTQ POC within healthcare settings through shared decision making. When not working, Justin enjoys backpacking with his partner, doing crossword puzzles, and going to Costco.


Sam bunting (he/him)

Assistant Director foR Analytics | Case-based learning project lead | Residency teaching competency project lead

Rosalind Franklin University Chicago Medical School

Sam is a second year MD/MSHA at Chicago Medical School. From Akron, Ohio, he graduated with a degree in biology and minors in bioethics and chemistry, and a certificate in Lifespan Development and Gerontology. His research interests include HIV prevention, Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis uptake amongst minority patients, LGBTQ+ medical education, and the impacts of Medicare reimbursement policy on primary care access. He plans to pursue internal medicine with a focus on preventative care. Sam can be reached at


SHANA Zucker (she/her)

Executive Director of mspa | queericulum Project lead

Tulane University School of Medicine

Shana is a third-year MD/MPH/MS student at Tulane, where she led the creation of the Queericulum, a series of LGBTQI+ health training modules. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, starting her trend of pursuing too many degrees, majoring in French and Biology and minoring in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology. Her interests also include MedEd, diversity and inclusion, and Social Medicine, as well as knitting, crafting mosaics out of Mardi Gras beads, and leaving a trail of origami wherever she goes.


tricia pendergrast (she/her)

assistant director for research operations | Pre-medical student pipeline Project lead

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Tricia Pendergrast is a medical student at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Her interests include pediatric critical care medicine, methods of non-invasive monitoring, medical admissions, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction. She has bylines at SheMD and Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine – THE PHARM, online. Outside of medicine, she enjoys baking muffins and cookies for friends, spending time by Lake Michigan, and is passionate about fostering cats and kittens in need of homes in Chicago. You can find her on Twitter at @traependergrast.